Solarzelle 24 x 33mm

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Lagernd, versandfertig in 24 Stunden.

Art.Nr.: SCC2433B-MSE


Monokristalline Solarzelle mit einer Spannung von 4,5V, dabei ist ein maximaler Strom von 18mA möglich.

Our SCC2433-B solar cell is a monocrystalline cell offering 4.5V (open circuit) and 18mA (short circuit) in a 24x33mm package.

What really makes this solar cell stand out is the circuit board on the back! It lets you assemble the simple "Miller Solarengine" which lets you pulse-power devices that would usually be impossible to power! 

(Note: The addition of the artwork to the solar cell in no way affects using it for plain solar-energy applications. It's just there if you want to use it!)

The Miller Solarengine is pretty well described in the "Bicore Experimenter's PCB" series of circuits, and you can find the relevant documentation under the resources tab.

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