Pololu A-Star Prime Accessory Pack

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Das Zubehör Paket enthält alle Steckverbinder die bei den A-Star Boards (SMT Components Only) nicht bestückt sind.


With the parts in this pack, you can customize your A-Star Prime by only adding the connectors you need (and leaving off the rest to minimize its weight and volume). The following items are included:

   - Four standard Arduino 0.1″ female headers (one 1×6, two 1×8, one 1×10)
   - Four 1×25 0.1″ male header strips
   - 2×3 0.1″ male header (ISP)
   - 2×7 0.1″ male header (LCD)
   - 2×7 0.1″female header (LCD)
   - 1×2 0.1″ female header
   - 1×10 low-profile 0.1″ male header strip
    -Three low-profile 0.1″ shorting blocks
   - Buzzer
   - DC barrel jack
   - 2-pin 3.5 mm screw terminal block

An LCD is not included in the accessory pack, but one can be purchased separately; we recommend this 8×2 character LCD, which can plug directly into the board once the included 2×7 female header is soldered to the LCD and the included 2×7 male header is soldered to the A-Star. Other HD44780-compatible displays can be connected to the A-Star with an appropriate cable if the A-Star is assembled with the included 2×7 male LCD header or with a shrouded 2×8 male header (not included).
Assembling an A-Star Prime with the accessory pack

The following pictures show an example of how some of the parts in the accessory pack can be used: the image to the left shows the A-Star 32U4 Prime LV microSD as it ships, and the image to the right shows the parts we install on the A-Star 32U4 Prime LV microSD with LCD.

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