ArduCAM CC3200 WiFi Kamera Board mit MT9D111 Kamera

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ArduCAM WIFI camera board is open source WIFI camera develop board which is based on Texas Instruments CC3200 SimpleLink WIFI IoT solution and Aptina MT9D111 camera module. It offers the high quality live video streaming functions as well as keep the small size and low power consumption.
TI makes connectivity even easier with the next-generation SimpleLink Wi-Fi solutions. The product family features Internet-on-a-chip™, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ solutions solving industry challenges for broad embedded applications. With SimpleLink CC3200 solutions you can:

- Program applications on the industry’s first Internet-on-a-chip solution with user dedicated MCU

- Power Wi-Fi battery-operated designs for more than a year on two AA batteries

- Start quickly, no Wi-Fi experience needed

Both CC3200 solutions are supported by a software development kit (SDK) including software drivers, sample applications, API guide, user documentation and a world-class support E2E™ community. On the integrated Cortex-M4, all sample applications in the SDK are supported with Code Composer Studio™ Integrated Development Environment and no RTOS. A few of the applications support IAR, GCC, Free RTOS, TI-RTOS. And ArduCAM team provides a complete solution on WIFI video transmission.


- WIFI cameras
- IoT cameras
- Robot cameras
- Wildlife cameras
- Other battery-powered products


- Onboard 2MP JPEG camera modules
- Generous ArduCAM standard camera interface
- Onboard CC3200 base module
- MicroUSB power input
- GPIOs are also wired to 0.1 inch pin header

Download: /ArduCAM_WIFI_Camera_Shield_DS.pdf

Please check Arducam website for more information.

Package Including:

1pcs ArduCAM CC3200 WIFI Camera Board With MT9D111 camera module