Atomic IMU 6 DoF (XBee Ready)

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Dieses Board ist eine inertiale Messeinheit mit sechs Freiheitsgraden (6DoF-IMU) zur zuverlässigen Messung der Drehrate und Beschleunigung in allen drei Raumrichtungen.

Hauptkomponten sind:
  • 1 x Freescale MMA7260Q 3-Achsen Beschleunigungssensor, (einstellbare 1.5g, 2g, 4g or 6g Empfindlichkeit)
  • 3 x ST Microelectronics LISY300AL TM 1-Achsen, 300°/s Gyros
  • 1x ATmega168 Mikrocontroller

komplette Beschreibung in Englisch:

The 6DOF Atomic is a stripped-down IMU, designed to give good performance at a low price. The unit can run as a hard-wired UART interface (0-3.3V, 115200bps), or optionally with an XBee  RF module, and is powered from a single LiPo (Lithium Polymer) battery. The processor is an Atmel ATMega168 running at 10MHz with 6 dedicated 10-bit ADC channels reading the sensors. Source code for the 6DOF Atomic is freely available and compiles with the free AVR GCC compiler.

The 6-DOF Atomic uses these sensors:

  • 1 x Freescale MMA7260Q TM triple-axis accelerometer, settable to 1.5g, 2g, 4g or 6g sensitivity
  • 3 x ST Microelectronics LISY300AL TM single-axis, 300°/s gyros

All sensor readings are available through any terminal program in either ASCII or binary format, or with the 6DOF Atomic IMU Mixer demo application (source code also available).


  • Input voltage: 3.4V to 10V DC
  • Current consumption: 24mA (75mA with X-bee)
  • Sensor bandwidth and resolution:
    • LISY300AL Gyros:
      • 88Hz, 0.977°/tick (ADC count)
    • MMA7260Q Accelerometer:
      • 350Hz, X and Y axes
      • 150Hz, Z axis
      • 0.00403g/tick @ 1.5g
      • 0.00537g/tick @ 2g
      • 0.0107g/tick @ 4g
      • 0.0161g/tick @ 6g
Dimensions: 1.85 x 1.45 x 0.975 inches (47 x 37 x 25 mm)



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