Bluetooth SMD Modul - RN-42-HID

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This is the same Roving Networks Bluetooth module that you already know and love, but it comes firmware-configured for the HID protocol. HID, or "Human Interface Device," is the communication protocol used for computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice and joysticks. This makes the RN-42-HID a simple and powerful tool for creating wireless peripheral devices which can be universally recognized and used without the installation of special drivers. The manual included in the documentation below goes into more detail about the Bluetooth HID profile.

The RN-42 is perfect for short range, battery powered applications.  The RN-42 uses only 26uA in sleep mode while still being discoverable and connectable.  Multiple user configurable power modes allow the user to dial in the lowest power profile for a given application.The RN-42 is even FCC and Bluetooth SIG certified making it a complete embedded Bluetooth solution.


  • Fully qualified Bluetooth module
  • FCC Certified
  • Over air data rate of 721kbps to 2.0Mbps
  • Low power sleep mode
  • 3.3V operation
  • Status pin
  • Bluetooth Technology v2.0 compatible
  • Class 2 power output


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