Breakout Board mit dem VS1000D

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Breakout mit dem VS1000D Ogg Vorbis Audio Codec.
Bei dem Board handelt es sich um ein vollständigen Audio Player mit USB und NAND-Flash.

Vollständige Englische Beschreibung:

This is a breakout board for the VS1000D -- a single-chip Ogg Vorbis (license-free audio codec) player with USB and NAND-FLASH interfaces. Perfect for any audio application, this board works as a standalone Ogg Vorbis player out of the box. Just connect it to USB, drag and drop Ogg Vorbis files to the device, and press play! Alternatively, the board can easily be embedded in any project that needs audio. The 0.1" header on the side allows easy access to the control lines, so the audio files can be triggered with just a couple of GPIO lines! All control features (power, play, pause, forward, back, volume, random on/off) are accessible. The on-board NAND flash chip behaves just like a flash drive, and the chip can drive a pair of headphones or small speaker with no extra power source.

The breakout board includes a 256MB external NAND-FLASH IC, 5 momentary push buttons for playback and volume control, 3.5mm audio jack and a miniUSB connector. Access to UART, SPI, NAND-FLASH, and power supply pins is provided by the 0.1" pitch headers.

Power can be supplied to the board by an external source connected to the Vcc and GND pins or through USB. Power for the I/O, digital, and analog supplies is internally regulated by the VS1000D.


  • VS1000D Ogg Vorbis player IC
  • 2 gigabit (256 megabyte) external NAND-FLASH IC
  • Full-speed USB interface
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Playback control buttons/breakout lines:
    • Power/ Pause / Play
    • Volume control
    • Next song / Fast Forward
    • Previous Song / Rewind
    • Random Play


  • 2.15x1.65"



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