CHR-6d Orientation Sensor

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Art.Nr.: CHR-6d


Alternative: CHR-UM7

The CHR-6d is a 6-axis IMU, combining three accelerometer axes and three rate gyro axes in a .8" by .7" footprint. An onboard ARM Cortex™ processor samples and filters gyro and accelerometer outputs and sends results over a TTL (3.3V) UART. The CHR-6d was designed specifically for low cost and ease of use.

Data Outputs

  • 3-axis roll rates (+/- 400 deg/s)
  • 3-axis acceleration (+/- 3 g)
  • Pitch and roll angles
  • 16-bit effective measurement resolution (after oversampling and decimation)


  • Configurable digital filter (windowed Parks-McClellan FIR)
  • Onboard EKF for pitch and roll angle estimation
  • Automatic bias calibration
  • High bias stability over temperature
  • Adjustable output rates (20 Hz - 300 Hz)
  • Easy to use TTL (3.3V) UART interface
  • Open-source firmware with free development tools
  • Open-source PC software for data visualization and IMU configuration
  • Optional Development Kit

Convenient PC Interface for Configuration

The CHR-6d can be configured by sending commands over the TTL UART. To simplify this process, our open-source PC software provides a convenient interface for data visualization and IMU configuration.

To learn more about the CHR-6d, please see our User's Forum and the CHR-6d Datasheet




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