CHR-6dm Orientation Sensor

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Art.Nr.: CHR-6dm


Alternative: CHR-UM7

Kleines AHRS System von CH Robotics mit einem Cortex-M3 Mikrocontroller.The CHR-6dm is an Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) combining rate gyros, accelerometers, magnetic sensors, and a 32-bit ARM Cortex processor all on one small board. An onboard Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) handles the tricky data fusion problem, reporting yaw, pitch, and roll angles at up to 300 Hz over a simple TTL (3.3V) UART interface. The CHR-6dm provides built-in routines for gyro bias calibration, and PC software is available for automatic soft and hard iron magnetometer calibration.


  • Onboard EKF produces yaw, pitch, and roll angle estimates
  • Automatic gyro bias calibration
  • Adjustable output rates (20 Hz - 300 Hz)
  • Onboard 3.3V regulator simplifies integration
  • +3.3V output sources up to 400mA for powering other peripherals (ie. GPS)
  • Open-source firmware with free development tools
  • Open-source PC software for data visualization, calibration, and AHRS configuration
  • Two UARTs and one SPI bus routed out for custom applications


  • Better than 0.5 degree angle accuracy1
  • 16-bit angle outputs provide 0.0096 degree resolution
  • Euler angle outputs for yaw, pitch, and roll
  • Input voltage: +3.3V to +12 V
  • +5V tolerant IO pins for integration with 5V systems
  • +/- 400 °/s maximum measurable rotation rates
  • +/- 3g maximum measurable acceleration





1. Performance using a fully calibrated unit under static test conditions. Actual performance will vary depending on EKF configuration and environment. Angle estimates produced by uncalibrated units can deviate as much as 5 degrees from actual angle over the full output range of the device. To reduce costs, CHR-6dm units are NOT calibrated at the factory.

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