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Das DLP-232PC ist eine Kombination aus FTDIs FT232 (USB-Seriell Bridge) und Microchips PIC 18F2410. Das Modul besitzt 14 digitale I/Os und kann über USB versorgt werden.

Vollständige Englische Beschreibung:

Measuring in at only 1.375" x 0.6", this new module is DLP's lowest cost and smallest USB to microcontroller module to date.  The DLP-232PC uses single byte commands and FTDI's Virtual COM Port (VCP) drivers to provide an easy to use USB interface to a PIC 18F2410 microcontroller.  Features include 14 I/O channels (8 can be used for analogue inputs measuring 0-5 Volts), a standard 0.3" wide DIP footprint and pre-programmed firmware for easy access to the I/Os and external digital temperature sensors (purchased separately).

  • 14 Channels: digital I/O, temperature, 8 configurable For analogue in (0-5 Volts)

  • PIC18F2410 microcontroller

  • USB bus powered

  • USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible interface

  • Small footprint: 35mm x 15mm (1.375" x 0.6") PCB

  • Standard 18-pin 0.3" DIP interface

  • Easy to use with single-byte commands - can utilize a simple terminal emulator to control all functions

  • DLP-232PC Datasheet

  • VCP Drivers
  • D2XX Drivers

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