Tamiya 70097 Twin-Motor Getriebebox

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70097 Twin-Motor Getriebebox von Tamiya, dieses Set enthält Zahnräder, zwei Motore, Gehäuse und Wellen.
  • Übersetzung 58:1 und 203:1 sind möglich
  • Motor Betriebsspannung von 3-6V

The Tamiya twin-motor gearbox is a small (3-inch long) plastic gearbox. It contains two small DC motors that drive separate 3mm hexagonal output shafts. There are two ways to put the kit together: with a high-speed 58:1 gear ratio or with a slower 203:1 gear ratio. Either way, the motors provide plenty of power to drive any small robot.

The twin-motor gearbox is very similar to the Tamiya 70168 double gearbox, as shown in the picture to the right. The gear ratio options of the two products complement each other well, but the mounting holes and overall dimensions vary slightly. The double gearbox is shorter and wider than the twin-motor gearbox, and the gears are a bit smaller and wider. This should make the double gearbox a bit more robust, though we have not heard any reports of the twin-motor gearbox gears breaking.

To compare all Tamiya gear box kits, see the Tamiya Gearbox Gear Ratio Comparison.

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