FEZ Cobra Mainboard

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Das FEZ Cobra basierst auf dem EMX Module (72MHz ARM7 + 16MB Ram + 4,5MB Flash).

FEZ (Fast and Easy!) is a tiny board running Microsoft .NET Micro Framework. This allows developers to write code with more efficiency using C# and Microsoft's latest Visual C# Express edition.

FEZ Cobra is based on the EMX Module, providing a more robust foundation. The benefits include 16 MB of RAM, 4.5 MB of flash memory, ethernet, and graphics support. Build your next project in minutes by connecting FEZ Cobra to one of the many shields or components.

Many libraries are included, such as FAT file system, threading, USB Host, USB Client, Networking with SSL, WiFi. UART, SPI, I2C, GPIO, PWM, ADC, DAC and more. This product includes a USB cable.

Key Features•   EMX Module with .NET Micro Framework
•   72 MHz 32-bit ARM 7 Processor
•   16MB RAM and 4.5MB FLASH
•   TFT Display connector for Display Expansion
•   RJ-45 Ethernet connector.
•   GHI NETMF WiFi Expansion compatible.
•   GPIO signals with interrupts exposed on 0.1" header pins with on-board pin descriptions.
•   2 SPI Master bus (8/16bit).
•   I2C interface.
•   4 exposed UART (serial ports)
•   7 analog inputs (ADC), 2 are used with touch screen.
•   1 analog output (DAC).
•   2 CAN interfaces.
•   6 PWM signals.
•   One-wire interface support
•   SD/MMC card connector with spring.
•   USB Device port
•   USB Host port
•   6 JST connectors for additional components such as XBee.
•   UEXT interface for easy expansions such as GPS, MP3 decoder or 3-axis accelerometer.
•   LEDs and push buttons.
•   On-board Piezo.
•   Powered by USB or DC power (input 6 volts through 2.1mm power connector).
•   Custom Enclosure is available.
•   RoHS Lead Free

Nov. 19, 2010
Sep. 30, 2010
Jul. 19, 2010
Jun. 7, 2010

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