Fritzing Starter Kit ohne Arduino

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Alternative: StarterKit+ für Arduino

With the Fritzing Starter Kit you have everything you need to start learning the basics of electronics: an essential set for wiring things up, a lot of sensors and actuators to try out and experience digital and analog input/output, all packaged in a handy project box. These kits are widely used by individual makers, in workshops, universities and schools.

With the purchase of one starter kit you support almost one hour of Fritzing development. THANK YOU! You can also add a donation.



1x USB Cable
1x Breadboard updated!
1x Hookup Wire Set
1x Project Box


8x Resistor - 220Ω
4x Resistor - 1 kΩ
4x Resistor - 10 kΩ
4x Resistor - 100 kΩ
1x Resistor - 1 MΩ new!
1x Resistor - 5.1 MΩ new!
2x NPN Transistor
1x FET Power Transistor
2x Diode (Rectifier)
1x Diode (Zener) new!


1x Motion Sensor (Tilt Switch)
1x Light Sensor (Photocell)
1x Temperature Sensor new!
2x Button
1x Rotary Knob (Potentiometer)


1x Servo Motor
2x green LED
2x red LED
2x yellow LED
1x Piezo Buzzer/Speaker new!
1x Relay

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