Gameduino 2 mit 4.3" Display (FTDI FT800 EVE)

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Das Gameduino ist eine 4,3" Display Erweiterung für die Arduino Boards. Das Gameduino basiert auf dem FT800 Display+Audio+Touch Controller von FTDI, dieser übernimmt die Kommunikation zwischen Arduino und LCD.

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The Gameduino 2 library and tools are available at Gameduino 2 code.

Gameduino 2 is open source hardware and software, released under BSD license. The PCB schematics and layout are here.

Gameduino 2 was a project on Kickstarter October 8th - November 6th 2013.

Gameduino 2 is a shield that adds a bright 4.3 inch touchscreen, an embedded GPU, headphone jack, accelerometer and microSD slot to your Arduino - or anything else with an SPI interface. Everything you need to create compelling games – right in your hand.

  • video output is 480x272 pixels in 24-bit color
  • OpenGL-style command set
  • Up to 2000 sprites, any size
  • 256 Kbytes of video RAM
  • smooth sprite rotate and zoom with bilinear filtering
  • smooth circle and line drawing in hardware - 16x antialiased
  • JPEG loading in hardware
  • built-in rendering of gradients, text, dials and buttons

Sound output is via an amplified headphone jack. The system supports a selection of built-in samples and instruments, and can also play samples from video memory, at up to 48KHz.

The FT800 can handle media in several formats to reduce the memory footprint:

  • decodes JPEGs directly
  • for lossless image loading, decompresses (zlib INFLATE) directly
  • audio samples can be 8-bit linear, ulaw or ADPCM

Built into the GPU’s ROM are:

  • high-quality fonts in 6 sizes
  • samples of 8 musical instruments, playable by MIDI note
  • samples of 10 percussion sounds

and of course you can load your own fonts and audio samples into the 256KB RAM.

Demos and Games

Gameduino 2 is much like the first Gameduino, an SPI peripheral. The sdcard is also on SPI. The accelerometer is analog, so there are three analog pins for X,Y,Z. Touch and audio functions are handled by the FT800, so take no extra pins. The full pinout (Arduino shield pin numbers)

For power, the shield needs 5-7v at 200ma on the 5V input; it has on-board regulation.

It is a 3.3v device, but the inputs go through a level-shifter so are also 5v tolerant. The range of the analog outputs is 0-3.3v.

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