Grove - CO2 Sensor

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The Grove - CO2 Sensor module is infrared CO2 sensor high sensitivity and high resolution. Infrared CO2 sensor MH-Z16 Is a general-purpose, small sensors , the use of non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) Present in the principle of the air CO2 Detect , with good selectivity, oxygen- dependent , long life, built-in temperature sensor, temperature compensation ,with UART output , easy to use. It can be widely used in HVAC and indoor air quality monitoring , industrial process monitoring and security , agriculture and livestock production process monitoring.


• Measuring the range of 0-2000 parts per million (PPM)
• Resolution of 1 PPM 0-2000 parts per million (PPM)
• Accuracy of 200 PPM
• A Warm - up time 3 minutes
• Response Time<90s
• Operating temperature 0 to 50℃
• Operating Humidity 0% ~ 90% RH
• Storage temperature - 20-60℃
• Operating Voltage4.5 V to 6 V DC
• The Current maximum Current of less than 100 ma, the average Current of less than 50 ma
• Output mode UART


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