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Einfache Multimeter als Komplettbausatz. Dieses Multimeter wird zwar kein Fluke ersetzten, aber für einfache Messung reicht es vollkommen aus.
  • Spannung: 0-50 V DC (Auflösung 0,05V)
  • Strom: 0-500mA (Auflösung 1mA)
  • Widerstand: 0-100k Ohm
  • Durchgangsprüfer

Vollständige Englische Beschreibung:

The Multimeter Kit provides you with everything you need to make your own multimeter capable of measure voltage (0-50VDC, 0.05 resolution) current (0-500mA, 1mA resolution) and resistance (0-100kΩ). The resistance mode also includes a continuity test: the buzzer will sound when the resistance probes are shorted together, this is one of the more handy tools of any multimeter.

Using the Multimeter Kit is very straightforward. To measure voltage connect your probes to the 'Voltage' and 'Common' pins, for current measurement the 'Current' and 'Common' pins. Resistance measurement uses the 'Res-1' and 'Res-2' pins. The decimal points are used in resistance measurement mode to indicate 10kΩ and 100kΩ ranges.

The kit doesn't include probes, but you have the option of using banana plug test cables or you can solder simple jumper wires into the smaller probe inputs.

Please note: using the resistance measurement mode on live circuits is not recommended. Also, do not test current or voltage on devices that may be outside the measuring range (no negative voltages or currents)! The multimeter is very simple, and won't replace your Fluke meter, but it works perfectly for simple troubleshooting.

Batteries not included.

Kit Includes:

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