Ethernet-Shield Bausatz (NKC)

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Das NKC Ethernet Shield ist 100% kompatibel zu dem normalen Arduino Ethernet Shield.
Es lässt sich zu dem mit dem Arduino Mega (mit einer kleinen Modifikation der spi.h) nutzen.

Das Modul wird als Bausatz mit dem WizNet WIZ812MJ geliefert.
Hier gibt es eine

Eagle Daten

Schematics Board


  • Fully compatible with the Arduino Ethernet Libary (small change required for MEGA)
  • WIZ812MJ (included) is removable
  • 2 Blue LEDs to indicate Ethernet TX and RX activity
  • Reset button to reset both the Arduino board and the Ethernet Shield
  • Stackable headers
  • Red LED13 brokeout from Arduino board
  • Red PCB, matches color of WIZ812MJ module
  • Jumper to select Duemilanove (and older boards), MEGA mode (if SS in default Digital 53 pin) and MEGA pin to wire to pin 53 on MEGA board
  • On board 3.3V regulator, with 2 x 100uF filtering caps

spi.h file modified for Arduino MEGA

  1. Locate spi.h file (it is located under Arduino installation directory --> hardware --> libraries --> Ethernet --> utility)
  2. Rename it as spi_orig.h
  3. Download spiMEGA.h
  4. Rename spiMEGA.h as spi.h
  5. Delete all .o files from utility and Ethernet directories
  6. Start the Arduino IDE
  7. Load or program your Ethernet Library based shield
  8. Compile --> upload sketch --> Voila!!!
  9. Enjoy your Arduino board connected to the NET

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