PIC-ICSP Adapter

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Allmost all Olimex boards are with simple 0.1" ICSP connector. Microchip decided to use phone jack cable for their tools and boards which is huge. The new mini boards where space is critical can't use both of these so we introduced the new ICSP-mini connector with 0.05" step. PIC-ICSP is 3-way connector which allow bridging between the development tools which use different connectors.


  • 3 way connector: OLIMEX-ICSP, OLIMEX-ICSP-mini and MICROCHIP-RJ11
  • 0.1" step ICSP connector
  • 0.05" step ICSP-mini connector
  • Phone jack connector
  • IMPORTANT: If you want to use Olimex boards with Microchip's programmer you have to use it with the PIC-ICSP cable not with the Microchip's cable

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