Bugblat PIF7000 - FPGA Erweiterung für Raspberry Pi

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Alternative: PIF2, PIFZ

The pif board brings a powerful FPGA to the Raspberry Pi. FPGAs are programmable digital chips - here are some of the features of the pif FPGA:

- lookup tables (LUTs) to implement digital logic
- flip flops for storage
- routing tracks to connect everything together
- specialist resources such as SRAM blocks, PLLs, and hard-coded I2C/SPI communications channels.

Firmware determines how the pif FPGA uses these resources. Firmware starts with a program which is then converted into a configuration bitstream and injected into the FPGA. Usually FPGAs are programmed in a Hardware Definition Language (HDL). Most commonly this is VHDL or Verilog, though there are alternatives such as the Python based MyHDL.

The development process is this:

   - write and simulate an HDL program
   - compile the HDL program to make a configuration bitstream
   - download the configuration bitstream to the FPGA

For the pif board, simulation and compilation software is a free download from Lattice Semiconductor. We supply Python software to inject the bitstream into the FPGA.

FPGAs come in a huge range of sizes, with the latest and greatest FPGAs typically costing as much as a small motor car. Since an FPGA LUT is approximately equivalent to a 10cm (4") square logic board with four TTL logic packages, the 1280 LUTs in the smallest pif board are equivalent to a wall of logic measuring 350cmx350cm (140"x140"), more if SRAMs, PLLs and so on are included in the calculation.

Key features

- a complete FPGA development target - FPGA programming hardware is not needed
- plenty of on-chip 4-input LUTs - the pif-1200 has 1280, the pif-7000 has 6864
- plenty of on-chip 9-Kbit SRAM blocks - the pif-1200 has 7, the pif-7000 has 26
- the FPGA is non-volatile, with on-chip flash memory for storing the configuration bit stream
- up to 256Kbits user flash memory
- hard coded I2C, SPI, PLL, and timer/counter blocks
- powered from the Raspberry Pi expansion connector (P1)
- 47 pins of expansion connectors
       - one 26-pin (2x13-pin) connector matches the Raspberry Pi's P1 connector
       - one 13-pin connector
       - one 8-pin connector
- red and green LEDs
- support software supplied (in Python) for injecting a new configuration into the FPGA
- example projects supplied, including a project that controls logic inside the FPGA from a web browser

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