Scanalogic-2 EDU-KIT - Logikanalysator & Signalgenerator

Scanalogic-2 EDU-KIT - Logikanalysator & Signalgenerator

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Scanalogic-2 EDU Kit ist ein 4-Kanal Logik Analyzer Bausatz mit einem integrierten Signalgenerator. Der Bausatz hat den gleichen Funktionsumfang, wie der Scanalogic-2 Pro.

Er ist ideal zur Analyse von seriellen Signalen wie z.B. UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, 1-WIRE, LIN, Manchester, ....

SCANALOGIC-2 EDU KIT (Educational kit) is a fun and educational kit allowing you to build a high performance logic analyzer at home! It’s an even lower cost equivalent to the SCANALOGIC-2 Logic Analyzer whose performances have been proved over the last 3 years.

SCANALOGIC-2 EDU KIT is a 20 MHz, 256K Samples, 4 Channels logic analyzer that relies on a computer software (ScanaStudio) to visualise and analyze the captured signals.

Whether your a student on a budget or a hobbyist who enjoy creativity, this logic analyzer will suit you perfectly.

This short tutorial explains how this kit works.

As mentioned before, SCANALOGIC-2 EDU-KIT has the exact same specifications of the SCANALOGIC-2 PRO:

  • 20 Million samples per seconds
  • 4 channels that can be configured as input or output
  • 256K samples depth per channel, that is a total of 1M Byte of embedded memory.
  • Compatible with the ScanaStudio logic analyzer software
  • Protocol decoding (I2C, SPI, UART, 1-Wire, etc…)
  • Digital signals generation (PWM, FM, UART packets..)
  • Record and Playback feature

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