SI4735-D60-GU AM/FM Radio IC

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The Si473x-D60 digital CMOS AM/FM radio receiver IC integrates the complete tuner function from antenna input to digital audio output and includes a stereo audio AUXIN ADC input for converting analog audio into standard I2S digital audio, enabling a cost efficient digital audio platform for consumer electronic applications with high TDMA noise immunity, superior radio performance, and high fidelity audio power amplification. When enabling the analog inputs in stereo AUXIN ADC-mode, the Si473x-D60 supports I2S digital audio output only.

Note: We are currently updating our images, they show the older version of the IC.


  • Wide range of ferrite loop sticks and air loop antennas supported
  • Worldwide FM band support (64–108 MHz)
  • Worldwide AM band support (520–1710 kHz)
  • SW band support (2.3–26.1 MHz)
  • LW band support (153–279 kHz)
  • Advanced AM/FM seek tuning
  • Automatic frequency control (AFC) and gain control (AGC)
  • AM/FM/SW/LW digital tuning with digital FM stereo decoder
  • Programmable de-emphasis
  • Multiplexed stereo audio AUXIN
  • ADC with 85 dB dynamic range
  • Seven selectable AM channel filters
  • Programmable reference clock
  • Adjustable soft mute control
  • RDS/RBDS processor
  • 2-wire and 3-wire control interface
  • Integrated LDO regulator
  • EN55020 compliant
  • Digital audio out
  • Integrated VCO


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