STM32 Primer2 Add-On Modul mit Proto-Area

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Erweiterungsplatine für den Primer 2 und Primer 2 Professional.

Englische Beschreibung:

The STM32 Add-On modules with wrapping area simplify the addition of the user’s own hardware extensions by providing a printed circuit board with wrapping area that connects to the Primer2’s add-on connector. With this Add-On module, the wrapping area is relayed to peripherals on the target STM32 microcontroller that include the SPI, USART, I2C and ADC.

The board includes two wrapping zones. The first 8 x 15 zone is fully contained within the plastic casing, which can accommodate a component height of up to 7.5 mm. The second 4 x 15 zone extends outside the Primer2’s casing to accommodate sensors, captors or components that need to be located outside of it. The Add-On module can be broken to eliminate the wrapping area that otherwise would extend outside the casing. This allows the user to create a clean prototype where all additional hardware can be contained inside the Primer2, unless otherwise necessary

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