Bugblat TIF4000 - a tiny FPGA Board

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The tif board is coin sized at 1"x0.7" (25x18mm). Despite the size a tif is a complete system with a powerful FPGA and a hard coded USB HID interface for programming, communications, and control.

An instant-on, non-volatile, high performance FPGA is a perfect target for experimenting with FPGA design, for developing design options, for implementing your own custom chip.

A USB HID interface means that the tif board will work without special drivers on any Windows, Linux, or Mac computer.

FPGAs are programmable digital chips. Here are some of the features of the tif FPGA:

    lookup tables (LUTs) to implement digital logic
    flip flops for storage
    routing tracks to connect everything together
    specialist resources such as SRAM blocks, PLLs, and hard-coded I2C/SPI communications channels.

Firmware determines how the tif FPGA uses these resources. Firmware starts with a program which is then converted into a configuration bitstream and injected into the FPGA. Usually FPGAs are programmed in a Hardware Definition Language (HDL). Most commonly this is VHDL or Verilog, though there are alternatives such as the Python based MyHDL.

Key features

- a complete FPGA development target
       - FPGA programming hardware: not needed
       - regulated power supply: not needed
       - external clock source: not needed
- plenty of on-chip 4-input LUTs - the tif-1200 has 1280, the tif-4000 has 4320
- plenty of on-chip 9-Kbit SRAM blocks - the tif-1200 has 7, the tif-4000 has 10
- the FPGA is non-volatile, with on-chip flash memory for storing the configuration bit stream
- up to 96Kbits user flash memory
- hard coded I2C, SPI, PLL, and timer/counter blocks
- powered from the USB port or via the expansion connector
- connects to a PC as USB HID (Human Interface Device) so there are no drivers to install
- 20-pin (2x10-pin) expansion connector matches common breadboards
- red and green LEDs
- support software supplied (in Python) for programming a new configuration into   the FPGA
- example projects supplied, including a project that controls logic inside the FPGA from a web browser

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