Arduino TinkerKit - Base Kit

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The Base Kit is a pack of different TinkerKit Modules, aimed to start designing interactive enviroments / prototype interfaces without using the breadboard or the soldering iron.

The Base Kit consists in the Sensor Shield V.2, 7 different Sensors and 5 Actuators, some cambles.

Part List

    * Sensor Shield V.2 x1
    * Button Module x1
    * LDR Module x1
    * Tilt Module x1
    * Therm Module x1
    * Rotary Potentiometer Module x1
    * Linear Potentiometer Module x1
    * Touch Sensor Module x1
    * Relay Module x1
    * 5mm Green Led Module x1
    * 5mm Yellow Led Module x1
    * 5mm Red Led Module x1
    * 10mm Green Led Module x1
    * 20cm Cables x4
    * 50cm Cables x2
    * 100cm Cables x1

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