CHR-UM6 Orientation Sensor

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Alternative: CHR-UM7

The UM6 Ultra-Miniature Orientation Sensor uses rate gyros, accelerometers, magnetic sensors, and an onboard 32-bit ARM Cortex processor to estimate sensor orientation at 500 Hz. Sensor orientation is reported using either quaternions or Euler Angles over a TTL UART at user-customizable rates.

The UM6 was designed specifically to be easy to use - an external enclosure protects sensitive electronics, and connectors make it easy to interface with the sensor without making solder connections to the sensor itself. Two 12-pin female connectors on the underside of the UM6 allow the sensor to be plugged directly into a host system, removing the need to run wires to enable the sensor to communicate.

Expansion Boards and Accessories

  • Serial Breakout Board
    The UM6 Serial Breakout Board allows the UM6 Orientation Sensor to be connected directly to a computer via an RS-232 serial port (or through a USB-serial converter). The Serial Breakout Board is a highly recommended accessory to the UM6.
  • UM6 Data Cable
    The UM6 data cable provides convenient access to the power and UART lines on the UM6.
  • UM6 Arduino Shield - Coming Soon
    The UM6 Arduino Shield allows the UM6 to be connected directly to Arduino devices.
  • UM6 Flash Datalogger - Coming Soon
    The UM6 Flash Datalogger allows high-rate data from the UM6 to be logged to an onboard SD Flash card.


  • Euler Angle and Quaternion Outputs
  • Automatic gyro bias calibration
  • Adjustable output rates (20 Hz - 300 Hz) and baud rate (up to 115200 baud)
  • Open-source firmware with free development tools
  • Open-source PC software for data visualization, calibration, and AHRS configuration


  • States updated internally at 500 Hz
  • Better than 2 degree pitch and roll angle accuracy1
  • Better than 5 degree yaw angle accuracy
  • +5V input voltage, 3.3V logic level (5V tolerant)
  • +/- 2000 °/s maximum measurable rotation rates
  • +/- 2g maximum measurable acceleration





  • UM6 Firmware
    The UM6 firmware source is available from Sourceforge and can be checked out using SVN.
  • Serial Interface Software
    The Serial Interface Software source code is available from Sourceforge and can be checked out using SVN.

1. Typical performance under static test conditions. Actual performance depends on accuracy of sensor calibration (gyro scale factors, bias calibration, cross-axis alignment, etc.) To reduce costs, the UM6 is not calibrated at the factory. Angle estimates can deviate as much as 5 degrees from the actual angle on an uncalibrated unit.

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