CHR-UM7-LT Orientation Sensor

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The UM7 is a 3rd-generation Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) that takes advantage of state-of-the-art MEMS technology to improve performance and reduce costs. Like its predecessors, the UM7 combines triaxial accelerometer, rate gyro, and magnetometer data using a sophisticated Extended Kalman Filter to produce attitude and heading estimates.

The UM7 also adds many new features, including higher gyro bias stability and lower noise, a new communication architecture for improved flexibility, optional NMEA packet transmission, UTC time-synchronization with external GPS, and support for third-order temperature compensation on all sensors.

Even with its added features, the UM7 is offered at a significantly reduced priced compared to other sensors in its class.

The UM7 comes with one 5-pin cable assembly for the main IO header. Extra 5-pin cable assemblies and 6-pin assemblies for the optional IO expansion headers are also available.

A USB Expansion Board is also available to allow the UM7 to be connected directly to your computer.

High performance

- Excellent gyro bias stability over temperature
- Adjustable low-pass filter and EKF settings provide customizable performance for various applications.
- States and sensor data synchronized to GPS position and velocity using optional external GPS module
- Supports alignment calibration and third-order bias and scale factor temperature compensation for accels, gyros, and magnetometer (optionally performed in-factory or by the end-user).
- Magnetometer soft and hard-iron calibration

Lower Cost

- State-of-the-art MEMS devices designed for mass-market consumer applications drastically lowers cost
- OEM version reduces overall cost, size, and weight

Ease of use

- Transmits data using human-readable NMEA strings, binary packets for higher efficiency, or a combination of both
- Flexible communication architecture allows UM7 to transmit any combination of data at individually adjustable rates
- Connects to the CHR Serial Interface software to allow for real-time plotting of sensor data, logging, device configuration, and magnetometer calibration

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