Vision-System - Kamera für NXT/EV3 (NXTCam-v4)

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This vision subsystem connects to NXT or EV3 on a standard sensor port, and tracks upto 8 colored objects or Line. It reports coordinates of each object to Host. Can also be connected to a PC on USB port.

- Connects to EV3/NXT on a sensor port
- Connects to computer using USB interface
- Tracks line or upto 8 objects (with 8 different user defined colors) at 30fps
- Adjustable lens focus
- Lens with built in infrared blocking filter
- Provides realtime tracking statistics to EV3
- Power consumption: 42 mA (max) at 4.7V
- PC not needed for autonomous operation on EV3
- Supported environments: NXT-G, EV3G, RobotC, LeJOS, NXC, LabVIEW, LVEE

Software and Installation:

User Guide

USB Driver installation Instructions

Viewer Software for Windows

USB Drivers for Windows and Mac