GHI WiFi/WLAN RS21 Modul mit ext. Antenne

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Thanks to GHI's months of research and engineering, WiFi is available on FEZ Spider with minimal efforts to the end user. This is not a WiFi-Serial bridge but a real WiFi connection that uses .NET Sockets.
This module is based on Redpine Signals' RS9110-N-11-22-05 WiFi module.
  • An external 2.4Ghz 2dbi -3dbi wireless antenna with uFL connector is included.
  • Socket: S
  • Supported Through GHI Premium Libraries. Open source products and libraries do not support this module.
  • Size: 42mm x 42mm
  • Weight: 14g 
  • 3.3V  Consumption : 40mA
  • 5V Consumption: 0mA
  • Includes one Gadgeteer cable

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