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Eine Neodymmagnet Kugel rollt von einer Seite zur anderen sobald Licht auf die Solarzelle fällt, je stärke der Lichteinfall ist desto schneller bewegt sich Kugel. Sollte mal kein Licht zur Verfügung sein, so kann das Zendulum auch über USB mit Strom versorgt werden.

Das Zendulum wird als Bausatz inkl. aller Komponten geliefert, eine Aufbauanleitung (englisch) gibt es als Download.

The Zendulum is a do-it-yourself, simple solderable kit. It features a spherical neodymium rare earth magnet, which emulates Newton's cradle when infrared irradiation is applied.

In English? There's a magnetic ball that rolls back and forth when powered by a solar cell. Assemble the kit and let it live on your table or windowsill - a simple desk lamp or sunlight can provide enough juice. When powered, the ball will seemingly roll back and forth on it's own, almost as if it's throwing the laws of physics and gravity to the wind.

What about a few of the features?

  • Solar Cell Mounting Bracket - Position your solar cell at 0, 30, 60, or 90 degrees to receive the maximum amount of light.
  • USB port - Don't have any light by your desk? Plug the Zendulum into your computer for power.
  • Back EMF LED Option - We provide the hacking ports for adding your own LED to make underglow or flashing light effects.
  • Bonsai and Yin-Yang Cutouts - Enhance your Zentastic meditations!

This kit gets its roots from the BEAM force-coil circuit used in the retired Sun Swinger kit, which was a solar-powered pendulum.



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