2.7 Inch E-Paper Display

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Product.Nr.: EA-LCD-009

Product description

Embedded Artists' 2.7 inch E-paper Display module adds graphics capabilities to your project.

The display has an SPI interface and some extra control signals. The display module connects to Embedded Artists' standard 14-pos expansion connector. Several of our products have the connector on-board. More modules are found here.

  • Based on display EM027BS013 from  Pervasive Displays
  • a-Si, active matrix TFT, Electronic Paper Display (EPD) panel
  • No of pixels: 264x176
  • High resolution - 117 dpi (0.217 x 0.217mm pixels)
  • Ultra low power consumption - due to its bi-stable nature, the EPD panel requires very little power to update the display and needs no power to maintain an image
  • Very wide viewing angle - near 180°
  • No backlight - display useful in daylight applications
  • SPI interface + control signals, incl a PWM signal
  • Diagonal size: 2.7 inch
  • Module supply voltage: 3.3V, the display is supplied with 3.0V via on-board LDO
  • View area: 57.3 × 38.2 mm
  • Operating temperature: 0 to +50 degrees Celsius
  • No of colors: 2 (black and white)
  • Standard 14 pos serial expansion connector interface (2x7 shrouded pin header, 50/100 mil spacing)
  • 60 x 74 mm module size

Further information: Embedded Artists Product Page

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