Atmel ICE Debugger PCBA

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Product description

The ATATMEL-ICE-PCBA is a low cost version of powerful development tool for debugging and programming ARM Cortex-M based SAM and AVR microcontrollers with onchip debug capability without plastic encapsulation. It supports programming and onchip debugging of all AVR 32bit microcontrollers on both JTAG and aWire interfaces, AVR XMEGA family devices on both JTAG and PDI two wire interfaces, JTAG and SPI programming and debugging of all AVR 8bit microcontroller with OCD support on either JTAG or debugWIRE interfaces, all SAM ARM Cortex-M based microcontrollers on both SWD and JTAG interfaces and all tinyAVR 8bit microcontrollers with support for the TPI interface.

- Supports JTAG, SWD, PDI, TPI, aWire, SPI and debugWIRE interfaces
- Full source level debugging in Atmel Studio
- Supports all built in hardware breakpoints in the target microcontroller
- Up to 128 software breakpoints
- Target operating voltage range of 1.62V to 5.5V
- USB powered
- Provides both ARM Cortex debug connector (10 pin) pin out and AVR JTAG connector pin out
- ITM serial trace capture at up to 3MB/s
- USB 2.0 high speed host interface
- Fully compatible with Atmel Studio


Embedded Design & Development, Automotive, Power Management, Motor Drive & Control, Communications & Networking, Building Automation, Consumer Electronics, Security, Industrial, Lighting

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