MI0283QT Adapter v1 (incl. LCD)

MI0283QT Adapter v1 (incl. LCD)

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Product.Nr.: MI0283A

Product description

Adapter with MI0283QT-9 display with touch panel (2.8", 240x320 pixel).
For direct plug on an Arduino board you need the mSD-Shield or for Raspberry Pi the RPi-ShieldBridge. Stand-alone Raspberry Pi LCD: RPi-Display.

Adapter Specification
  • Dimension: 52 x 85mm
  • Touch Controller: TI ADS7846
  • Backlight dimmable (PWM)
  • Interface: SPI (Touch Controller + Display)
  • 3.3V - 5V tolerant IOs
  • Power: 3.3V - 5V
  • Made in Germany

Display Specification
  • Size: 2.83"
  • Dots: 240x320
  • Type: TFT Transmissiv
  • Viewing area: 43.2 x 57.6mm
  • Dimension: 50.2 x 69.3mm
  • Backlight: 4 LED
  • Color: 262K

More information and downloads:

MI0283QT-Adapter with on-board ARM Cortex-M0 Controller: MI0283QT-Adapter v2


file file size
MI0283QT-11_Datasheet.PDF MI0283QT-11_Datasheet.PDF 1.07 MB
Migration_MI0283QT2-MI0283QT9A.pdf Migration_MI0283QT2-MI0283QT9A.pdf 0.12 MB
MI0283QT-9A_Datasheet.pdf MI0283QT-9A_Datasheet.pdf 0.84 MB
MI0283QT-9_Datasheet.pdf MI0283QT-9_Datasheet.pdf 0.74 MB
MI0283QT-2_Datasheet.pdf MI0283QT-2_Datasheet.pdf 0.47 MB

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