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Product description

Signalyzer LITE is a low cost JTAG Boundary-Scan interface for ARM based microprocessors and microcontrollers. LITE version of Signalyzer was designed for use with Xverve's Universal Development Platform and to extend its use beyond basic JTAG functionality providing additional UART port and several peripheral pins which can be controlled by the host computer.


  • 2 Channels
  • On-Chip Debugging (OCD)
  • In-system Programming (ISP)
  • Boundary Scan Testing (JTAG)
  • ARM cores debug
  • SPI bus host controller
  • I2C bus host controller
  • UART
  • Upto 12 pins of GPIO


  • USB2.0 - Full-speed, 12Mbits/sec
  • USB powered
  • JTAG / IEEE 1149.1 compatible
  • Supports: JTAG, I2C, SPI, UART and 8 bit GPIO interfaces
  • Based on FTDI FT2232C/L device
  • Two independent channels with own Vext supplies
  • I/O signals are compatible across 3.3V - 5.5V signal range with ext. Vref
  • Programmable baud rate up-to 6Mbits/sec
  • Free drivers for Linux, Windows XP, 2000, 2003, CE platforms
  • Open source debugger support
  • API to allow to further extend capabilities


WinARM installer are available for download in the Downloads section.

WinARM is a collection of GNU and other tools to develop software for the ARM-family of controllers/processors on MS-Windows-hosts. Unlike other collections WinARM does not depend on a cygwin or mingw-environment. All needed tools are in the distribution-package. Special thanks to Martin THOMAS, the maintainer of this package, for his excellent work.


Michael Fischer, who’s supporting OpenOCD with his Windows installer packages and how-to articles (among other things), maintains site for his “Yet Another Gnu ARm TOolchain (YAGARTO) ”. It provides windows installer packages for OpenOCD, the GNU ARM toolchain and an integrated development environment using Eclipse and the Zylin CDT plugin. What makes YAGARTO special is that it runs completely native on Windows, i.e. it’s fully based on MinGW and doesn’t require Cygwin. YAGARTO tool set fully supports Signalyzer Tool as well as contains all the nessessary drivers.

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