Si4707 Wettersignal Empfänger

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Der SI407 von Silicon Labs empfängt Wetterdaten die auf dem 162,4-162,55MHz Band gesendet werden. Dieses Band ist in den USA, Kanada und Bermuda sehr verbreitet, es werden wichtige Unwetterwarnungen dort übertragen.

Weather-band radio is an awesome service on the 162.4 to 162.55MHz band in the US, Canada and Bermuda that broadcasts normal and emergency weather information. It's a good way to get a weather report and a great way to stay informed during a severe weather emergency.

The Si4707 from Silicon Labs is a fully integrated weather-band radio with 1050Hz detection (the tone used to indicate a watch or warning). It's also the first in the industry to incorporate a SAME processor. SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding) allows the device to listen only for a certain kind of warning or statement.

This breakout board makes it easy to integrate the Si4707 into your next project! Simply provide 3.3V and plug a speaker or headphones into the on-board 3.5mm audio jack.


  • Weather band support (162.4–162.55 MHz)
  • SAME processor
  • 1050 Hz alert tone detection
  • Frequency synthesizer with integrated VCO
  • WB digital tuning
  • Programmable reference clock


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