Fritzing Super Upgrade Kit

Fritzing Super Upgrade Kit

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Fritzing Super Upgrade Kit


This kit provides you with all the components and to take the next step and enable you to create more advanced projects. It is designed as an extension to the Starter Kit, so that you can build on your knowledge and combine parts for your project ideas.

Highlights of this kit are the many visual output parts, the advanced sensors and inputs, and a number of basic logic chips. As usual all neatly packaged and including lots of example projects.

With the purchase of one starter kit you support almost one hour of Fritzing development. THANK YOU! You can also add a donation.



1x Project Box
40x Pin Header

Logic ICs

1x Timer 555
2x Optocoupler 4N35
2x Shift Register 74HC595N
1x H-Bridge L293D


1x Accelerometer ADXL335 (SparkFun)
1x Force Sensor (FSR)
1x Rotary Encoder
3x Push-Button small
2x Push-Button big
1x Switch
1x Trim Pot 100k


1x LCD Character Display 16x2
1x Dot Matrix Display 7x5
2x 7-Segment Character Display
1x DC Motor
1x LED Superflux RGB
1x LED Superflux blue 
1x LED Superflux red
16x LED red
2x LED white
2x LED green
2x LED yellow


2x Transistor NPN
2x Transistor PNP
4x Capacitor Ceramic 100nF
4x Capacitor Ceramic 10nF
2x Diode Rectifier
Lots of Resistors

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