ARM-USB-OCD-H JTAG Debugger/Programmer

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High Speed 3-in-1 Fast USB ARM JTAG, USB-zu-RS232 virtueller COM-Port und 5VDC Spannungsversorgung (Unterstützt von OpenOCD / OpenSource Debuggers)


  • First on market three-in-one USB JTAG debugger - offers JTAG + RS232 (full modem signals supported) port + power supply all in one compact device
  • High-speed USB 2.0 JTAG dongle interface, can be used with all ARM devices for programming and debugging.
  • Uses ARM's standard 2x10 pin JTAG connector
  • Supports ARM targets working in voltage range 1.65 – 5.0 V DC
  • Supports adaptive clocking RTCK
  • Software supported by OpenOCD (open source) debugger
  • Adds virtual RS232 port to your computer with all modem signals like: DTR, DSR, DCD, RTS, CTS, Rx, Tx
  • Can be used as power supply to your target board with 5V
    USB source current is limited with resettable fuse at 300mA, at the different output voltage the maximum current is
    different: 5V/200mA, note that this also depend on your USB host current capabilities, if other
    USB devices are attached to your computer or if the laptop is running on batteries these figures may be different and
    depend on your computer USB host.
  • Downloadable Windows installer for full featured and open source tools as alternative to the commercial ARM
    development packages: GCC C compiler, openOCD debugger and Eclipse IDE.
  • Works with IAR EW-ARM 5.50 or newer
  • Dimensions 50x40 mm (2x1.6") + 20 cm (8") JTAG cable + 30 cm (12") power supply cable




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