Wave-Shield Bausatz (Adafruit)

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Das Adafruit Wave Shield ist ein Aufsatzboard für das Arduino, es kann 22kHz 16Bit Mono Wavefiles von der SD Karte abspielen. Das Kit kommt als Bausatz, durch die bedrahteten Bauteile ist es auch von Laien aufbaubar.
Eine gut bbebilderte Anleitung gibt es bei LadyAda: Instructions, examples, and other documentation is available on the website

Technische Daten:
  • Can play any uncompressed 22KHz, 16bit, mono Wave (.wav) files of any size. While it isnt CD quality, it is certainly good enough to play music, have spoken word, or audio effects. Check out the demo video/audio at the webpage
  • Output is mono, into L and R channels, standard 3.5mm headphone jack and a connection for a speaker that is switched on when the headphones are unplugged
  • Files are read off of a FAT16-formatted SD/MMC card 
  • Included library and examples makes playing audio easy
  • Please note that the library is rather bulky, requiring 10K of flash and more than 1/2 K of RAM for buffering audio. It works fine using an ATmega168-based Arduino (or compatible) but for more complex projects I strongly recommend upgrading to an ATmega328!

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