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Play classic arcade games faithfully recreated on an FPGA or create new games using the ZPUino soft processor, the VGA library, and the Arduino IDE. The convenient MegaWing form factor snaps right on top of the Papilio One 500K or Papilio Pro and provides everything needed to start exploring FPGA games today!


- VGA Port - DB15 Female VGA connector capable of generating 4096 colors.
- Stereo Audio Jack - 1/8" Stereo jack with low pass filter is ready for CD quality Delta-Sigma audio output.
- Joystick Ports - Two DB9 Male joystick ports accept Atari, Commodore, and classic arcade joysticks.
- PS/2 Ports - Two PS/2 ports accept a keyboard and mouse.
- 4 Way Buttons - 4 buttons in a plus configuration for user input.
- 4 LED's - 4 LED's for user feedback.
- Reset Button - A single reset button.


The Arcade MegaWing requires the Papilio One 500K or the Papilio Pro board. There are currently no games that fit on the Papilio One 250K board.

Project Page

For more information visit the Papilo Arcade MegaWing page at

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