ArduCAM CMOS MT9V022 1/3-Inch 0.36MP SW-Kamera

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The MT9V022 is a 1/3-inch monochrome wide-VGA format CMOS active-pixel digital image sensor with global shutter and high dynamic range (HDR) operation. The sensor has  specifically been designed to support the demanding interior and exterior surveillance imaging needs, which makes this part ideal for a wide variety of imaging applications in real world environments.


This camera module can be used together with Arducam USB shield for Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi.

1/3" 0.36MP Wide VGA (752 x 480) CMOS monochrome global shutter camera module MT9V022.
High frame rate, high dynamic range, good sensitivity for machine vision with external trigger.


- 1/3" optical format
- 0.36MP 752 x 480 MT9V022 global shutter sensor
- 6.0 x 6.0 um Pixel size
- 60fps at full resolution
- 4.8V/lux-sec responsivity
- 55db linear, 110db HDR dynamic range
- single 3.3V power input
- Default M12 mount 6mm LS-6020 lens


- Security
- High dynamic range imaging
- Unattended surveillance
- Stereo vision
- Video as input
- Machine vision
- Automation

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1 pcs Arducam CMOS MT9V022 1/3-Inch 0.36MP Monochrome Camera Module

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