Awesome Shield Invention Kit - without Arduino UNO

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Learn to code and invent with Arduino. The inventor’s kit comes with everything you need to get started, including 60+ videos and 6 fun, learning-packed projects!

For inventors aged 10 – 100!


60+ videos teach you coding and science step-by-step. Along the way, Coding Challenges push you to explore creative solutions of your own.

Go from absolute beginner to building and inventing your own projects.

Awesome Shield teaches you to write real code for Arduino – one of the most powerful and popular maker platform in the world.


Learn coding and science through making fun projects that apply your learning to the real world.

Build a lockbox burglar alarm, a superhero signal, a light sensor theremin (musical instrument), and more.

Please note: four awesome projects are currently available – you are also purchasing access to two more projects which will be published over the next couple of months – the theremin and the candle project.

Awesome Shield grows with you. Three Grove expansion ports give you countless invention possibilites. No soldering required.


- 60+ Step-by-step learning videos (with more coming soon!)
- Awesome Shield Hardware
- Beginner-friendly reference documentation
- Simplified coding library (makes Arduino coding fun for beginners)
- Stickers to show off your skills!

PLEASE NOTE: This kit does NOT include an Arduino UNO & USB Cable. If you don’t already have a Arduino UNO you need the kit that comes with the UNO. Order it here.


“My daughter ploughed ahead with all the videos and when I returned from a two day trip away, she showed the board doing all sorts of things.”
– Stefan (and daughter Freya)

“My youngest (11 years) has been busy following along with the videos all afternoon and was over the moon when the LED came on in the first tutorial.”
– David Lewis, Father

“My @Awesome_Shield training has come in handy. I was able to tell my dad he needed to add Ln after serial.print to fix a scroll issue.

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