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Lagernd, versandfertig in 24 Stunden.

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Das Dog House, ist von ESawdust entwickelt wurden. Das Gehäuse besteht aus schwarz lagiertem Alumium und ist deshalb sehr robust.

Vollständige Englische Beschreibung:

The Dog House for BeagleBoard xM is a sturdy, lightweight, powder-coated aluminum case for the Beagle Board xM.  The Dog House by itself weighs just 4.5 ounces (127 grams) - with the Beagle Board xM mounted, the package weighs less than 7 ounces.  A three piece design including a lid, wrapper, and baseplate makes assembling a breeze, not to mention the built-in standoffs with 4-40 fasteners to secure your board to the baseplate.

Built-in mounting feet make it easy to attach your Beagle Board xM anywhere like under a desk, in the ceiling or on the wall.  You can even insert small rubber feet (not included) if you need to set it on your desk.

Please refer to the video below for an easy assembly guide and to see it up close as the enclosure is put together.


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