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Der BeetleBot ist ein sehr einfach aufgebauter Roboter.
Zum Aufbau ist nur ein Schraubendreher erforderlich, sodass der Aufbau in nur wenigen Schritten erledigt ist.

The BeetleBot is the simplest TRUE robot you can build. Use only a screwdriver to put it together, then watch it zoom and smartly bounce off things in it's way! No microcontrollers, ICs, or transistors are used - just two switches wired cleverly together form the brains of this robot that has been featured as a popular MAKE Magazine & project.

Designed by Jerome Demers originally as a science-fair project, this robot design has won awards for it's simplicity and effectiveness. Jerome has now turned his design into a solder-free project, ideal for beginners to put together. The kit features:

  • Simple screw-together mechanical construction (we even included the screwdriver!)
  • Plug-in wiring
  • Sturdy, preformed wire sensors
  • Laser-cut acrylic shell featuring two shell designs (Ladybug / Tribal) and four color-themes
  • Detailed construction manual with large, clear graphics
  • Our famous 100% satisfaction guarantee means you don't risk disappointment - we'll make sure you have a successful build!

To finish your Beetle Robot, you will need 4 AAA Alkaline or rechargeable batteries, a steady hand, and a burning appreciation for putting stickers on things (that's how you customize your Beetle Robot!)

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