Digitales Speicher Oszilloskop (DSO 09601)

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Hierbei handelt es sich um das DSO 09601 von JYE Tech. Es sind alle SMD Teile vorbestückt.

Ein Auszug aus den Verbesserungen:
- 5MHz analoge Bandbreite
- einstellbarer Kontrast
- automatische Umschaltung zwischen DSO und Frequenzmessbetrieb
- weitere Verbesserungen sind in der Englischen Beschreibung zu finden

- Alle benötigen Teile inkl. Leiterplatten (kein Netzteil)
- Frontplatte
- Tastkopf

DSO096 has similar structure as DSO062 but its performance has been significantly improved. Comparing to 062 DSO 096 bandwidth is 5 times wider (5M vs 1M) and sensitivity is 10 times higher (10mV vs 0.1V). Particularly, its frequency meter has been greatly enhanced. It can measure frequency higher than 20MHz at sensitivity better than 0.2Vpp (062 can only take 5 - 6 MHz signal and requires TTL level). Another big improvement is that DSO096 is battery-powered. Accepted voltage ranges from 2V to 5V so one regular 3.7V Li-ion or two 1.2V Ni-HM batteries can be used. It also comes with a built-in charger specific for 3.7V li-ion battery.

DSO 096 has built-in USB-Uart converter which easy-off firmware upgrade and waveform upload. It can also run on USB power without battery.

All DSO 096 models include a standard 10X/1X switchable BNC probe.


20MHz frequency meter with better than 0.2Vpp sensitivity @20MHz.
5MHz analog bandwidth and higher
2Msps real-time sampling rate
20Msps Equivalent-Time Sampling rate (repetitive signal)
Vertical sensitivity 10mV/Div - 5V/Div
Record length 256 points
Trigger position adjustable and trig point indicated
Save/Recall up to 6 captures
Screen image hardcopy via USB
Firmware upgradable via USB
FFT with selectable length of 256 or 512 points and sampling rate from 1KSps to 2MSps
Battery/USB powered with voltage ranges from 2V - 5V
Dimension: 140mm X 65mm X 25mm
Weight: 150 gram (not including probe and battery)

Documents, firmwares, and tools:

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