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Das DuinoMite ist ein kleines Entwicklungsboard mit dem PIC32MX795 Mikrocontroller. Auf dem Board befinden sich außerdem Buchsenleisten, die eine Verwendung von Arduino Shields ermöglicht.

DuinoMite is a Maximite Compatible Basic computer, originally designed by Geoff Graham, with additional features and Arduino like layout. DuinoMite allow you to program in BASIC language and have VGA and Keyboard interface, so you can develop and write your code in Basic without need of any computer. You can store your code on the SD-CARD and to execute it on power up thorugh autoexec.bas main code.


  • PIC32MX795 microcontroller
  • USB OTG allowing PIC to work as an USB device and USB host and allowing Android ADK applications, interface to USB keyboards, Cameras, Printers, etc peripherals
  • 10 pin IO connector for connecting VGA, Audio, Composite Video, PS-2 Keyboard
  • UEXT connector for connecting different Olimex modules
  • 26 pin Maximite like connector
  • micro SD card connector
  • 8Mhz crystal
  • 32768Hz crystal for RTC implementation
  • Low power design allows PIC to work in deep sleep, and peripherals to be shut down
  • Automatic power source change, i.e. you can power this board by External power supply 9-30VDC, USB, or battery, the power switching is automatic.
  • Arduino like format i.e. can work with Arduino shields
  • Li-po charger for Lithium Polimer Battery
  • Industrial temperature range design -25C+85C