Ersatz Ball Caster mit 12,7mm Kunstoffkugell (3pi)

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Pololu Ball Caster mit 12,7mm Kunstoffkugel, es handelt sich um den gleichen wie beim Pololu 3pi Roboter.

This ball caster can be used as a replacement 3pi robot part or as a general-purpose ball caster. When mounted through a hole in a chassis that uses our micro metal gearmotors and our 32×7mm wheels, as on the 3pi, this ball caster is just the right height to keep the chassis level.

To replace the ball caster on your 3pi, you will need to unscrew the rear battery holder (pull off the LCD and remove the batteries to access the screw) and gently bend the holder far enough out of the way to pull out the existing ball caster and slip in the new one. The battery holder is soldered to the 3pi PCB chassis on one side, so you will not be able to fully remove the battery holder. Take care not to lose the plastic spacer that is underneath the holder.

Note: This ball caster does not have mounting holes and includes no mounting hardware or spacers.

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