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The Espruino board is the officially supported board - it comes pre-programmed with Espruino, so you just plug it in and it works.


- Less than half the size of a business card ( 54mm x 41mm )
- STM32F103RCT6 32-bit 72MHz ARM Cortex-M3 CPU
- 256KB of Flash memory, 48KB of RAM
- Micro USB connector
- Input Voltage Range of 3.6v to 15v
- Battery connector (JST PHR-2 2 Pin)
- Built-in SD card connector
- Red, Green and Blue LEDs
- Pads to allow HC-05 Bluetooth modules to be added
- 0.1" Pin spacing
- 44 GPIO Pins, capable of: 26 PWM Pins, 16 ADC Pins, 3 USARTs, 2 SPI, 2 I2C and 2
- Prototype area which can be used in many different configurations, for example: Servo Headers, Up to 14x 500mA outputs, 2x .NET Gadgeteer connectors, or NRF24L01+ wireless transceiver modules
- Rev 1v4: CE and RoHS certification



Links to tutorials that you can do using just the Espruino board:

Tutorials using the Espruino Board:

No tutorials use this yet.


Espruino has 3 ways of powering it - a JST PHR-2 Battery connector, Micro USB, or pin headers.

Both the Micro USB and Battery connector can power the device (and pin headers), and the source of power will be automatically switched. If you power Espruino via the Pin Headers, do not plug a battery in, and do not plug in USB unless you are powering it with 5v or more.

If you wish to power Espruino from mains, we'd suggest using a Micro USB phone charger. This are widely available as the majority of mobile phones (with the exception of iPhones and low-end Nokias) now use them.

In order to protect the Espruino board (and what it is connected to), a 1000mA thermal (self-resetting) fuse is on the board between the pins marked 'Bat' on the board and the power source (USB/Battery).

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