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The FEZ HAT allows for a Fast and Easy (FEZ) way to connect all kinds of sensors and devices to the Raspberry Pi. The FEZ HAT is compatible with the RPi 2 Model B. An entire C# driver is provided for immediate use with Windows 10, and can be easily ported to Linux. The FEZ HAT is the ultimate topping for your “Pi”!

The FEZ HAT Key Features:

   - On-Board Analog Input and PWM chips.
   - Two DC Motor Drivers, suitable for building small robots.
    -Terminal Blocks for wiring in DC motors without the need for soldering.
   - Two Servo Motor Connections.
   - Two Multi Color LEDs, connected to PWM for thousands of colors.
   - Single Red LED.
   - Temperature Sensor.
   - Accelerometer.
   - Light Sensor.
   - Two user buttons.
   - Terminal block with 2x Analog, 2x Digital I/O, 2x PWM and power.
   - Female headers with SPI, I2C, 3x Analog, 3x PWM.
   - Dedicated power input for driving the servo motors and DC motors.
   - No Soldering required, completely assembled and tested.

Note: When using the servo motors, and only when using the servo motors, the driver will switch the clock frequency to 50Hz. This may cause some flickering on the LEDs when dimmed. Also, the DC motor may jitter. Adding a 470uF capacitor in parallel with the motor will help in the jitter.

Note: This board has been designed as a prototyping add-on for the Raspberry Pi and does not require Linux to load any driver therefore the EEPROM has not been added.  However, we are looking into adding the EEPROM on future revisions.

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