Bugblat Fino-an Arduino Shield für die PIF FPGA Boards

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Fino is a converter shield for 3.3 Volt Arduino boards. It converts between the Raspberry Pi pinout and the Arduino pinout.

We developed the Fino board so that users could plug our PIF FPGA board into a 3.3 Volt Arduino or into one of the many boards which use the Arduino pinout.

You can plug a PIF board into a Fino shield, then plug the Fino shield onto a 3.3 Volt Arduino or similar.

What you get:

   - one Fino converter shield circuit board
   - one 26-way boxed header, matching the 26-way Raspberry Pi xpansion connector
   - one 36-way strip of pin headers

Fino is supplied as a kit of parts. The headers have to be soldered onto the circuit board, as described in the manual.