GM10 81:1 Mini Getriebemotor

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Here by popular demand, and brought to you only from Solarbotics! The pager gear motor is geared 81:1 spins at 233 RPM and draws 13mA (118mA stall) at 3V giving 2.3in*oz.

Gear Motor Overview

Gear Ratio: 81.00:1
Unloaded RPM (3V): 233
Unloaded RPM (6V): 454
Unloaded Current (3V): 13 mA
Unloaded Current (6V): 20 mA
Stall Current (3V): 118 mA
Stall Current (6V): 220 mA
Stall Torque (3V): 2.30 in*oz
Stall Torque (6V): 3.17 in*oz
Length (mm): 14.30 mm
Width (mm): 25.40 mm
Height (mm): 28.80 mm
Weight: 5.00 g

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