Hammer Carrier for Hammer ARM9 CPU Board

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The Hammer Carrier board is a prototype board designed for use with the 40-pin ARM9 Hammer CPU board.  The board contains a power supply circuit, RS232 serial port, USB host port, USB slave port, a SD/MMC memory card connector, beeper circuit, and a large user prototyping area on 0.100 inch grids.


  • 40-pin machined DIP socket that accepts the Hammer CPU board
  • DC power jack that accepts an external 5VDC regulated power supply (2.1mm center positive)
  • LM1117 [email protected] voltage regulator for use in the prototyping area
  • RS232 connector - DB9 female
  • RS232 transceiver circuit for console communications (2nd port is also available)
  • User controlled LED  (tied to a GPIO pin on the Hammer)
  • User controlled push-button switch (tied to an interrupt pin on the Hammer)
  • Reset push-button switch
  • Four mounting holes
  • Board fits into a PACTEC CM5-125 standard case (available from Mouser Electronics)
  • Large user prototyping area (0.100 inch grid)
  • Signals from the Hammer CPU board are brought out to the user prototyping
  • +5V , +3.3V, and GND  busses are available in the prototyping area
  • Open hardware – complete schematic diagram is available below

Dimensions: 4.75” x 4.065”



  • The Hammer Carrier board does not come with a Hammer CPU board
  • The Hammer Carrier board does not come with a 5VDC regulated power supply.  It is available separately here.