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Sometimes you just have to have treads, especially if you need a high-mobility solution for your robotics project.


These 23mm (7/8") wide x 12mm (1/2") long tread links are very well designed, using 1/16" steel pins press-fit into precision CNC-drilled (not molded!) mounting holes. These treads will most likely outlive your robot!


Made of hard ABS plastic (in black or yellow), these are ideal for the wild environments of shag carpeting and linoleum (the most common habitat for hobby robots...), as they won't cause too much friction when turning on the spot. But if you need more traction, you can easily glue on rubber feet for more grip!


Note: A minimum of 14 links is required for each track, using the default cogs and idlers.


Each tread link comes with a 1/16 pivot pin.

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